Secretary General of CICC-10: Dr. Jianghong Gong (Email:;;
A one-day post-conference tour to Jingdezhen, "the Porcelain Capital of China", will be arranged on November 8, 2017.
  • 2017.09.20The draft of the Programme of CICC-10 is now available.

  • 2017.04.18: A new symposium,Geopolymer and Geopolymer Developed Ceramics & Composites, will be organized during CICC-10.  (details)

  • 2017.01.24: A new symposium,Progress and Challenges in Lead-free Piezoelectrics, will be organized during CICC-10.  (details)

  • 2016.12.15: A new symposium, Advanced Materials for Next Generation Nuclear Energy, will be organized during CICC-10.  (details)

  • 2016.11.16: A new symposium, UHTC & MAX Phase Workshop 2017, will be organized during CICC-10. (details)

  • 2016.10.15: A special symposium, Virtual Materials Design and Ceramic Genome, will be organized during CICC-10. (details)

  • 2016.08.15: Recommendation of the candidates of invited speakers for CICC-10 is welcome (details).

  • 2016.08.15: The English webpage of CICC-10 is now available.


Welcome to CICC-10

The International Conference on High-Performance Ceramics (CICC) series is sponsored by the Chinese Ceramic Society and aims at providing an international forum for presentation, discussion and review of the latest advance in science and technology of high-performance ceramics. During the past years, the CICC series has developed to be the largest international conference on ceramics held in China and also an important international ceramic conference in Asia. Since 1998 when the first conference, CICC-1, was held in Beijing, CICC series attracted more and more scholars and graduate students to join together and exchange information in all areas related to the recent development in the field of high-performance ceramics. More than 600 scholars and students attended the latest conference in this series, CICC-9, which was held in November of 2015.

Overview of the Past Conferences

The forthcoming CICC-10, the tenth in the CICC series, will be held in Nanchang from the 4th to 7th of November, 2017, and will continue to encourage discussion of contributions to the world of high-performance ceramics and offer ample opportunity for scientific and technical exchange, equally addressing ceramic scientists, engineers, and newcomers with a general interest in the field, including graduate students.

The technical program of the forthcoming CICC-10 will consist of invited keynotes and lectures, regular oral presentations and poster presentations. Several special symposia will also be organized.

International Advisory Committee

Plenary Lecturers and Invited Speakers

Conference Sessions and Special Symposia

The Organizing Committee cordially invites you to participate in the forthcoming CICC-10 and present your latest research finding in the field of high-performance ceramics.

Prof. Longtu Li
Chair, CICC-10

Member, Chinese Academy of Engineering
Professor, Tsinghua University